2 Large (80 feet long for 30 pers. Comfortable capacity).
3 Medium (60 feet long for 20 pers. Comfortable capacity).
1 Small (35 feet long for 10 pers. Comfortable capacity).
Carpeted deck, Cushions, Soft Music if required,
Fishing Equipments,
Toilet and Shower.
One large size (35 feet long for 15 pers. Comfortable capacity).
2 Medium size (23 feet long for 7 pers. Comfortable capacity).
2 Bus, 3 Cars, 3 Four Wheels (Fully air-conditioned).

To spectacular flords of Musandam on board of Omani Tradition Dhow. Khor Sham with Dolphin Watching, Telegraph Island, Seebi Island., Kumzar and Beaches. Khor Naajid, Khor Habalayn, Lima Lot of hidden coastal Beduine Villages.

In camping tents at white sandy beaches & dreaming islands or lot of private paradise and happy beaches. Including celebration of big Merry Evening with moony night, Oman Folklore & Music, BBQ Dinner and Breakfast (At least group of 10 pers.). Overnight camping is also possible with our dhows.

In the Musandam region, particularly close to the Strait of Hormuz is exciting. Where deep Oceanic water flows over rugged reefs around majestic islands and through the most spectacular scenery. The clear water brings with it a host of several species of fish (Oceanic Tiger fish, Jack fish, Dolphin, King fish and reef sharks – Black and White Tips – are numerous as are Grey and Lemon Sharks).

Jebel Harim “Mountain of the women” is at 2,087 meters highest mountain in Musandam Region. Guided Trekking Tours To remote mountain regions. 4WD safari to the mountains of Jebel Harim.

Drive through the town of Khasab with its old and new souk. Visit the restored Fort of Khasab: traditional Musandam boats and houses are on display in the forts countryard. Additional exhibits showcase the heritage and culture of the region. Drive to the Wadi Qadah with th old village Tawi and see the prehistoric rock carvings.

Proudly assist to obtaining Tourist & Entry visa for Oman & U.A.E. Transportation, Ticketing, Hotel Reservations in Oman & U.A.E

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